[SS11] MISC / Smart Grid Protection - Security Challenges and Opportunities in Resource-Constrained Networks

Tanja Zseby, MISC series, Tue, 2011-09-13 11:45 .
advisor: Marc-Oliver Pahl
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Abstract: <p>Smart power grids address the increasing demands for an efficient reliable energy supply, the support of regenerative and locally distributed energy sources, as well as the involvement of citizens in coordinated energy saving efforts. Smart grids require sophisticated communication networks that have to comply with high security standards and privacy demands while on the other hand they have to cope with massive resource constraints. The specification of suitable communication protocols and appropriate security measures is currently in progress. In the talk I introduce recent approaches for smart grid security and discuss the role of open communication protocols IP and IPv6 in smart grid communication. I present general approaches for resource-efficient reactive security measures based on distributed traffic observations and show two specific approaches currently investigated at Fraunhofer FOKUS: packet tracking and IP darkspace analysis. </p> <p>Bio: Dr.-Ing. Tanja Zseby is a member of the Competence Center RESCON at the Fraunhofer Institute FOKUS, Berlin. Her current research focus is smart grid security and IP-based communication in smart grids. She works on solutions to deploy open communication protocols such as IP and IPv6 in smart grid environments and on attack detection methods in resource-constrained environments. Dr. Zseby is a distinguished expert in the field of network monitoring and traffic analysis for network security and quality assurance. She contributed to the IETF work on the IP Flow Information Export Protocol (IPFIX) in the areas of packet and flow sampling and led the packet tracking activities in PlanetLab Europe in the project OneLab2. Dr. Zseby is active in Internet standardization (IETF) since 2000 and co-author of six RFCs. She also is a member of the German IPv6 council. <p>
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